How to create an Ethereum wallet

Dutch version here.

1. Go to The first time you visit the website it will show several warning screens. Take some time to understand the risks involved. If your are not careful you can lose your coins and nobody can help you after that.

2. Enter a password of at least 9 characters long

3. Never lose your password! Write it down somewhere. There is no password recovery option.

4. Click on Create New Wallet

5. Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON). The Keystore file contains your private key and is encrypted with the password.

6. Store the Keystore file in a safe place where you will can always retrieve it, even if your computer breaks down. Make a copy on a USB-stick or portable hard drive.

7. Click on ‘I understand. Continue.’

8. Click on ‘Print Paper Wallet’ and print the paper wallet as backup.

9. Your Ethereum Wallet address is visible on your paper wallet under ‘Your Address’. An Ethereum wallet address always starts with 0x. This is your public wallet address you can register on our website to receive your CombiCoins.

10. Your Private key is also visible on your paper wallet.  With this information anyone can access your wallet and your coins. So keep this information in a safe place, for example a safe or a safety deposit box.

11. Click on ‘Save Your Address’ and you are now the owner of an Ethereum wallet.

12. Now we can check if it actually works. Choose “View Wallet Info” from the menu and choose Keystore/JSON file to access your wallet.

13. Click on ‘Select wallet file…’ and select the Keystore File you downloaded in step 5.

A warning was recently added there are safer ways to access your wallet with MetaMask (plugin) or a hardware wallet. If you plan to keep a large number of CombiCoins on your wallet extra security measures are necessary. Follow the tutorial to the end and then check the FAQ on MetaMask and Nano Ledger S.

14. Enter the password you used in step 2 and click on Unlock.

15. Now you can see Your Address and Your Account Balance. Your Address (starting with 0x) should be the same as the address on your Paper Wallet.

Your Account Balance will be 0.

16. Now select your Address and copy/paste it into the registration form to buy CombiCoins.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to mail to