Hello world, meet CombiCoin

ICO — Pre-sale

The CombiCoin pre-sale will go live soon! The ICO will open with a starting investment of 100 USD and is starting on September 1, 2017.

CombiCoin: Minimize the risks & maximize your chance of success when investing in cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market is receiving frequent attention from the press due to its volatile nature. Extreme surges and crashes have led to worldwide coverage of the cryptocurrency exchange market.

For example, Bitcoin grew in 6 months from 1,000 USD to 4,000 USD or Ethereum that started at 8 USD and grew to 400 USD in 6 months but then collapsed to 150 USD 4 weeks later.

This is generating interest from investors in the regular stock market, but most of them are not making the plunge yet due to the high risks inherent in the cryptocurrency market. On the other hand, current cryptocurrency investors have to always be on alert and react fast when a currency crashes or surges.

When investing in currencies available in the market, you are taking a risk that the specific currency you invested in may drop in price. This could happen for many reasons, e.g., countries declaring specific currencies illegal, a new currency in the market taking over the top few, or simply because the currency becomes undesirable.

This is the main reason we created CombiCoin.

CombiCoin aims to follow the overall market and therefore try to bring stability.

Benefit from the growth of the total market

If you invest in one or two (or ten) currencies available in the market, you are hoping that those currencies suddenly surge in price. But nobody knows beforehand which currencies will do well and which will not. The aim of CombiCoin is to always benefit from the total market growth.