ICO closed, target has been reached!

The CombiCoin ICO is closed

We are proud to announce that by raising a total of $ 2,260,330 our target has been reached!

With 1,092 participants our ICO was a great success and we raised a total of $ 2,260,330. This means that we reached our initial target and from the start, there will be 240,460 CombiCoins.

Everyone should have received their CombiCoins, if you have not yet received your CombiCoins please send us an email. All bounty/referral bonuses will be sent next week.

Next steps

  • Website update: We will update our website to give you insights on all activities on CombiCoin. And show the exact value of 1 CombiCoin.

  • Software development already started: The development team already started working on the smart trading software. In all coming updates we will keep you informed about the development.